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What’s uninsured motorist coverage and what type should you have?

What’s uninsured motorist coverage and what type should you have? Last week I did a simple video about medical payments coverage and how important that medical payments coverage can be to helping you get the medical care that you need after an accident. A medical payments coverage is available to you whether or not you are or not at fault for an accident, and it can really help you overcome some difficulties that a lot of people have after an accident. For example, paying your health insurance deductible and it’s something that can really be useful, but for most people, if they’ve been hurting accident, what they’re really concerned about is future medical expenses, future pain and suffering, overcoming and being compensated for the inconvenience and the difficulties that they’re going to suffer as a result of whatever type of injuries that they’ve incurred in accident. Now, medical payments coverage does a lot of things, but it does not help you in any way, shape or form pay for, for example, your pain and suffering. If you’re going to recover for that, you’re going to recover from either the at fault party’s insurance policy or you’re going to recover under what’s called your uninsured motorist coverage.

So, what’s uninsured motorist coverage and what type should you have? Your uninsured motorist coverage may help you regardless of what the other party’s policy limits are. If you have elected for the right type of coverage. And we’re going to talk about that in just a minute. Obviously you don’t have any control over what type or the limits of the insurance for the at fault party. You don’t have any control over how much I purchase, for example, under my insurance policy. But you do have a lot of control over what type of, of uninsured motorist covers that you have under your own policy. And that is the huge benefit of it is that it, regardless of whether or not I’m doing responsible things by purchasing enough insurance to pay for the injuries that I may cause to you, um, I can at, you can actually control under your uninsured motorist policy how much insurance is available to you.

So first you need to make sure that you understand what your limits of coverage are under your uninsured or under insured motorist policy. Then you need to know whether or not you have what’s called an add on policy or a reduced bop policy. And there’s no question whatsoever that while you’re checking, you need to go ahead and make sure that you do in fact have what’s called added on coverage. And let me give you a quick example why. Let’s say for example that the at fault party has $25,000 in insurance, covers us available to you and you have got $25,000 in uninsured motorist coverage. But let’s say that you’ve got $25,000 in reduced back coverage. Well that means that for all practical purposes, your insured motors policy isn’t worth a dime. It isn’t going to add any additional coverage to you in the accident. But let’s say that the, uh, the, the outfall party has $25,000 in coverage and you have $25,000 in what’s called add on coverage or added on uninsured motorist coverage. And that event, you’re actually going to have the possibility of recovering up to $50,000. So it can make a huge and the amount of coverage that’s available to you for very little additional money. So take a little bit of time, make sure that you’re checking on one, the amount of uninsured motors covers that you have, and two, that you’re confirming that you do in fact, have what’s called added on uninsured mirrors coverage. Do you have any questions? Feel free to call me or email me. Thank you so much for watching.

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