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Your car accident claim when you don’t get treatment for a long period of time….

What happens to your car accident claim when you don’t get treatment for a long period of time? I always try to emphasize to clients the importance of following the treatment recommendations provided by the doctor or chiropractor, emergency regime, whoever it is that they go see. It is extremely important to maintaining the viability of your claim for you to follow whatever treatment recommendation has given to you. That’s just sort of common sense and it’s one that will ultimately hold a lot of weight. If you failed to follow those recommendations, they’d be care providers. It will really bite you later on the insurance lawyer on the other side. It’s going to be able to come back and say, well, Hey, you might’ve gotten better, but you eliminated that possibility because you didn’t go out and follow the recommendations that the emergency room gave to you or to or that your primary care physician gave to you. So obviously you want to follow those recommendations. But another thing that you really need to be concerned about is if you suffer serious injuries in accident, you go to an emergency room after the fact.

Let’s say you go to emergency room twice or to an urgent care facility and then you go to the emergency room and then you don’t, you wait another two or three weeks before you go back and see anyone regarding your conditions. It becomes really difficult to maintain that you were suffering real injuries that were really bothering you, causing a lot of pain. If you’ve got a real gap in treatment, the gap in treatment continues to be a persistent and nagging issue in these cases, so you need to know that that is something that will absolutely raise flags for the insurance company on the other side, and it very well might raise flags and cause problems with a jury later on if your case ultimately has to be tried. So do not let that problem creep into your case. Make sure that you’re following the treatment recommendations, make sure that you’re going and getting treatment, even if there’s not a treatment plan that’s put to put up for you so that you can defeat that issue, that defense later on that will inevitably rise. That is if you failed to go and get treatment. If there’s a gap in your treatment, the insurance company’s going to come back and blame that on you. So eliminate that problem from your case. Feel free to call me if you’ve got any questions. Leave your comments below. Thanks so much.

your car accident claim when you don’t get treatment for a long period of time Ben Sessions


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