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Is it important that your personal injury lawyer has support staff?

I recently met with a prospective client for an initial consultation for a personal injury case. During these initial consultations, clients are trying to figure out if our law firm is the right firm for them. It’s kind of like a job interview, both for the client and for me.

One question that this prospective client asked me was very interesting, and I wanted to share it with you here. He asked me to describe what our law firm’s team looked like.

For any client who is looking for a personal injury lawyer, this is an extremely important question, regardless of whether you have a small claim or a big claim. The lawyer you hire should have a support network behind them to develop your case.

If you have a large personal injury claim, for example, then you really need a network of legal professionals that your attorney can lean on to help build your case for trial. Alternatively, if you have a small personal injury claim, then your lawyer likely handles a high volume of similar cases. If that is the case, then your lawyer also needs support staff that can help him or her manage their caseload.

Not sure if your attorney handles big cases or small cases? Ask them! Prior to hiring a personal injury attorney, you should know what kind of attention you should expect throughout the course of representation. Before hiring an attorney, ask them about how many cases their law firm is currently handling, and what type of cases they are.

During an initial consultation, you will likely have many questions about your case. But don’t forget to ask the attorney about the types of cases they handle, how many cases they handle at any given time and, most importantly, what does their team look like.

If you have questions about your personal injury case, I encourage you to call our office today.

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Ben Sessions, Attorney at Sessions Law Group
Ben Sessions

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