State v. T.R. – Cobb County State Court

Our client was charged with failure to maintain his lane and DUI less safe. Our client was stopped for failing to maintain his lane which was present on the video recording. After the officer smelled alcohol, he was questioned about whether he had been drinking. Our client initially denied drinking, but later conceded drinking a few beers. Our client initially refused to submit to field sobriety tests, but after the officer discussed what the tests were used for, he agreed to submit to them. Our client refused to submit to both the pre-arrest breath test and the post-arrest state-administered breath test. The worst piece of evidence that we had to deal with was our client’s statements. Our client told the officer after his arrest that he knew he should not have been driving. 

Prior to trial, we negotiated a reduction of our client’s DUI charge to reckless driving. If you have a pending Cobb County DUI case, contact The Sessions Law Firm today for a free consultation. 

Practice area(s): DUI / DWI

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