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Multiple DUI Convictions in Georgia

If you are facing the possibility of 2nd or more DUI conviction, you need to understand the various options available to multiple DUI offenders in Georgia. 

Research the Court's DUI Court Program if you have a prior DUI conviction.

If this DUI case will be a multiple DUI conviction for you, you should unquestionably consider the Court's DUI court program. Many multiple DUI conviction cases involve significant jail possibility, but the DUI court program may be a means of minimizing a front-end jail sentence associated with your a repeat DUI conviction. DUI Court Programs are treatment-based programs that attempt to address substance abuse problems that are plaguing a person's life. Even if you do not believe that you currently have a substance abuse problem or addiction problem, if you face a multiple DUI conviction, you must recognize that the Court and sentencing Judge will likely treat you as though you have a substance abuse or dependency problem. 

Below are links to several metro-Atlanta DUI court programs: 

 Does entering a DUI Court Program mean that I will not face jail time? 

DUI court programs are intended as a means for multiple DUI offenders to engage in treatment in lieu of jail time. However, entering a DUI Court Program does not completely eliminate your possibility of incarceration. If you violate the terms of the DUI Court Program, you will be subject to sanctions and a sanction means that you will face jail time.

Do you have a questions about what you should do if you are facing a multiple DUI conviction? 

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