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Atlanta Injury Lawyer Reviews | Atlanta DUI Lawyer Reviews

These are actual reviews from Google Reviews and Yelp.

Ben Sessions has gained respect and the trust of Judges and prosecutors in Georgia, he is prompt, ready and prepared. Ben has core values and a knack for finding the one thing that will win the case - I recommend Ben to anyone who had a complicated issue or needs to win at trial - Ben tries at least two jury trials a month - seasoned, experienced and ready. Ben's time is well worth any fee you will pay. You will not only gain a friend but also a top notch attorney.

Review by Attorney Gus McDonald

Ben is friendly, efficient, accessible, knowledgeable, and reassuring. He takes his time to look at all details of your case to ensure you are provided with the best help. I highly recommend his representation when you need his expertise services.

Review by Client Jourdain A.

I completely recommend Ben Sessions if you are in need of a great car accident lawyer. Not only does he hold a great professional demeanor, but he is extremely well-versed in his field. I had a very small accident on I-75 that led to me having to go into court to explain the scenario. Ben was able to guide me in a calm and professional manner which led to my case getting dismissed.

Review by Client Elizabeth K.

Excellent attorney.
Knows the ins and outs of the local judicial systems. Ben is very able and accomplished the best results.
In addition, he is very kind and understanding.
Great staff, legal assistants, et al.
Can't go wrong here.
I would hire him again as my attorney in a heartbeat!

Review by Client Joson N.

I don't know how to put into words the kind of person Ben is. He is the perfection combination of professionalism and compassion. He is such a genuine and caring person. Then when you put that with his professional expertise and knowledge, he is just someone you want representing you. He is a very intelligent, yet such a genuine and humble person. He is highly respected and like by just about everyone I have seen him come in contact with, and the extends to the courtroom especially. I can also say that Ben comes very prepared, and that is probably an understatement. I mean this is a guy that will fight for you, and he looks at all the options. He was able to get my case dismissed, and along with my family, I can't thank him enough. If you have any doubts, just meet with the guy. You will be very happy that you did.

Review by Client Stephen I.

THIS IS A 100% AUTHENTIC REVIEW- Ben Sessions is the absolute TRUTH!! He really is a polished gentleman and extremely good at what he does. I am very pleased that I went with him because I truly got what I paid for. When Ben walks in the courtroom he is well respected from the judge and the courtroom work group. If you're a skeptical person like me please trust me when I say that you've made the right decision and your money is going to be well spent. Ben Sessions has no clue that I am even writing this review. I am doing this review from my heart because it is well deserved. If I EVER need assistance with any legal concerns I will only make one call and that will be to Ben. When your life/reputation is on the line you have to seek out the best. I was referred to Ben and I thank God that I went with their suggestion. When you hire an attorney you aren't just paying for their book smart knowledge, you're also paying for their personality and their reputation. You want a true player that will advise you how to conduct yourself in the courtroom and also knows how to conduct themselves in and out in the courtroom. Thanks for reading my share and I hope that this helped your decision.

Review by Client P.D. H.

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