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Finding the right DUI or criminal defense attorney for your case can be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many lawyers that actively advertise, and so many hold themselves out as “the best” or an “expert”. Prospective clients are rightfully confused in this age of internet marketing. Every lawyer seems to tout their abilities and call themselves an “expert DUI lawyer” or the “best criminal defense attorney”. Everyone seems to have a different “award” and maintain a Superb rating from AVVO. Particularly, in metro areas such as Atlanta, the sheer number of lawyers can be overwhelming. So, now more than ever, you need a tangible means of evaluating prospective DUI or criminal defense attorneys. Here are a few tips:

  • Do not overlook personal referrals. We understand that being charged with a criminal offense or being arrested for a DUI can be tremendously embarrassing for many people. However, a DUI or other criminal charge is simply too important to avoid seeking recommendations from people that you trust.
  • Look for tangible means of evaluating potential lawyers. Do NOT accept a website’s statement that a lawyer is “the best” or an “an expert”. We know plenty of attorneys that advertise as expert DUI attorneys but are simply unwilling to “stick their neck out” to actually fight a DUI charge. Ask every prospective DUI or criminal defense attorney when they last took a case to trial. Don’t be embarrassed about asking the lawyer questions that might be embarrassing.
  • Meet in person with lawyer(S). Unless you are live outside of the area, do not hire a lawyer over the telephone. You can learn more through a simple in-person meeting than you ever can learn through a website. Meet with multiple attorneys. The lawyer that you ultimately choose to represent you can have a tremendous impact upon your future. You should treat the decision of which lawyer to retain very seriously, and you should meet with multiple attorneys before making your decision.
  • Get some perspective about whether there is truly time pressure. If you face a serious criminal charge, it is completely natural to feel rushed to find help. However, don’t artificially pressure yourself into hiring the 1st salesman that answers his/her telephone. Take some time and try to identify the best lawyer for your case. If a lawyer tries to convince you that you must hire him/her, run, and remember, the 10-day letter in a Georgia DUI caseis easy to complete and really doesn’t present the time pressure that many

As you are searching for the right lawyer for your case, remember that we can say a lot of things on the internet that don’t really mean anything and, ultimately, will not help you with your DUI. Use your common sense. Don’t be pressured, but be diligent.




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