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If you have been hurt in a car accident, make sure that you document witness names after your car accident that may have seen how the accident occurred. Many people make the mistake of believing that how a car accident occurred could not possibly be disputed. As a result, many people do not make any attempt to take down the names and numbers of potential witnesses at the scene. They rely upon police officers to take down the names and contact information for witnesses. The problem is that often times police officers have so many tasks to complete during the process of clearing a car wreck, they do not have an opportunity to speak with potential witnesses before those witnesses – believing that they are not needed – leave from the scene of the accident.

If you have been in a car accident, take some time to speak with people that you observe standing around after the wreck. What you will find is that many of those people have information that could help you establish who was at fault if the other party changes their story at a later dater. If you have third-party objective witnesses that were not involved in the accident that corroborate your version of how the accident occurred, then you odds of establishing that that the other party was at-fault for the accident are substantially increased.

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The accident pictured above is a classic example of why documenting the names and numbers of objective third-party witnesses can be essential. It is very difficult to tell how this accident happened without the benefit of third-party objective witnesses.

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